10 Unique Wedding Backdrop Ideas From Around the World

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Whether you want a wedding backdrop as a statement piece or the center of the ceremony, we’ve got all kinds of wedding inspiration with these 10 unique wedding backdrop ideas from around the world!


It’s the moment that people wait for, that couple’s plan for, and it’s unlike any other moment in life. We’re talking about the wedding ceremony. And couples around the world love to ensure it’s something memorable by creating a backdrop that is just as one-of-a-kind.

As you browse, keep in mind that these styles may be more for conceptual inspiration. Think of how you can use your own aesthetic to make them feel more like you!

1. Florals Meet Geometric Layering

This wedding in Ukraine is the stuff of movies. Notice how the geometric arches are also made of a metallic mesh which makes them the perfect companion for floral designs. It’s the best of both worlds!

2. Modern Staging Meets Greenery

This Malaysian wedding design is a blend of modern staging with greenery woven throughout in large garland and floor arrangements. It creates the juxtaposition of outdoors and indoors in a way that has vintage 90s vibes.

There’s something so 90s-chic about having a backdrop that has these vintage vibes in a fresh way.

3. The Anti-Backdrop

More and more couples are choosing to design their wedding like this inspiration piece from France — with an anti-backdrop. What that means is that more couples are letting their wedding locale and the architecture — or vista — shine through and be the backdrop itself.

There’s also an iteration that is a little more playful like this one from a British wedding at an old amusement park.

4. Hearts and Flowers

We kind of love this ceremony backdrop inspiration, from France, with flowers in the shape of a large heart. It’s relatively new, but we’re beginning to see it more and more.

5. Paper and Ribbons

Paper and ribbons will never go out of style as you can see with this cheerful wedding backdrop inspiration from Pennsylvania. The more the merrier, and these elements layered with different colors are sure to be the perfect photo opp after the ceremony.

6. Picture Perfect Framing

Speaking of perfect photo opps, this wedding backdrop setup from a Jakarta wedding can double for a ceremony or simply as a lovely place for the couple — and even guests to get a beautiful picture taken!

7. Bold Retro Vibes

You can’t help but smile when you see this backdrop from Los Angeles! It’s so full of life and cheerfulness. Even the detailing of bringing the colors out on the floor to continue is an interesting choice!

8. Electric Light Love

Electric lights aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We see them going strong at weddings like this one from Singapore to all around the world!

If you want more inspiration, here are a few more examples —

9. Texture and Lines

We love to see the texture and lines trend in wedding backdrops and aisle design.

There are sometimes that the textures come in the form of overwhelming florals that make a big statement.

10. Fabrics: Draped, Gathered, and Tied

From Dubai to the east coast, couples are loving the ever-effective elegance of fabrics as a wedding backdrop.

That’s our world tour of wedding backdrops! Which were your favorites?

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Written by Corrie McGee