5 ATX Wedding Photographers Share Their Favorite Places to Shoot Around Austin

Enchanted Rock in Austin | Austin Wedding Photographers

Austin, Texas is famous for its thriving creative community and beautiful scenery — both of which are on full display in the local wedding photography scene. We asked some Austin wedding photographers to share their favorite spots to shoot around town and nearby. 

We’re all about being stronger together at Wed Society and love getting to know our wedding community, so we’re excited to share this fun behind-the-scenes look with these talented local photographers.

While engagement and wedding photography is all about the couple and their unique story, these photographers definitely have a few favorite spots to visit. 


When it comes to Austin wedding photographers, they have their choice of some beautiful locations for engagement and wedding photography sessions.

1. Emily Figurelli Photography

The Greenhouse at Driftwood — “Who doesn’t love a greenhouse bridal session, engagement session, or even wedding portraits? This greenhouse is a little different though, it’s filled with more desert-like plants including cactuses which almost makes you feel like you’re in a different part of the country. No matter what, your photos are bound to be very intimate, romantic, and fun in this gorgeous location.”

One Eleven East — “Doubling as both an intimate wedding venue and a studio space, One Eleven East is a white brick historic urban space with so much character. There are many sources of light to play with that allow for everything from a light and airy look, timeless or even a moody feel.”

Enchanted Rock — “This is by far one of my most requested Austin-area locations by clients. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hiked to the top and all around Enchanted Rock. 

While there are so many areas to photograph on the way up, when you get to the top you get a complete 360 view that allows you to play with the sunlight so much and have so much depth of view. Once you’re at the top, sneak a peek around the other ways you can come down for even more beautiful spots!”

Located outside of Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country, Enchanted Rock requires a drive from Austin, but the views are undoubtedly worth it.

2. Joslyn Holtfort Photography

McKinney Falls State Park — “I love this spot because it’s beautiful and accessible.  It really works well for a couple who loves the outdoors and wants those beautiful golden hour engagement photos in a natural setting.” 

Ladybird Wildflower Center — “This venue is wonderful for engagement photos because there is such a wonderful variety of backgrounds – from manicured flower beds to open fields and large trees.  We can even use some of the architecture of the buildings as they are beautiful!  It’s a nice mix of a natural setting with some maintained pathways.”

The Boardwalk at Ladybird Lake — “This is the best spot in Austin for those who want the skyline in the background.  The light is lovely and it’s a nice easy walk – the perfect spot for couples wanting a city vibe in their engagement photos.”

3. Caitlin Rose Photography

Laguna Gloria — “I love taking couples here because this location offers a variety of backgrounds for their photos. This location has gorgeous architecture, a bright indoor villa, a casual deck on Lake Austin, and plenty of spots with beautiful greenery. This location does require a reservation fee, but my couples often say that it’s worth it! I love that this spot has an indoor villa in case it rains during a session. Also, this location looks great year-round, no matter the time of day or month!”

Upper Bull Creek — “This North Austin spot is one of my favorite nature locations. It is often secluded compared to other Greenbelt locations in Austin, so it’s a great place for couples to relax without a lot of people around. I love coming here for the gorgeous light this location has before sunset and for its greenery, rock formations, and water running through the creek. Also, Upper Bull Creek looks beautiful year-round!”

Downtown Austin/Auditorium Shores —  “I love coming here if my couples are looking for photos with the city skyline and a location with more of an urban feel. I usually only come here on weekdays because it can get crowded on the weekends. It’s also great to come to this location closer to sunset so that the buildings have a nice glow on them at the end of the day. This location is often special to couples that met in Austin and fell in love with their city!”

4. Annique Marie Photography 

Lake Travis — “There are lots of different nooks and beach spots to get different scenery for a shoot. Around the Oasis is pretty cool!”

Eberly — “They have specific hours you can rent time to shoot there, but it’s beautiful and eclectic! An Austin staple for sights and good food and drinks.”

Downtown — “Specifically W. 6th street has some fun walls and buildings with vines growing along the walls. A lot of downtown spots are found just by walking through the streets, so taking time to drive or walk through downtown can give you a lot of inspiration/cool places to shoot.”

5. Alyssa Jarae Photography

Brushy Creek Park — Located on the outskirts of Austin, this location is filled with trails, open fields, a stream and is perfect for anyone wanting a rustic photo location. During the spring Brushy Creek Park is filled with wildflowers.

Mayfield Park — Mayfield park is an absolutely beautiful nature preserve in the middle of Austin. For brides wanting an outdoor location for bridal sessions this is perfect. The whole complex is filled with white stone, and peacocks that definitely sometimes photobomb sessions. 

Auditorium Shores at Town Lake Metropolitan Park — When a couple or bride wants a perfect view of the Austin skyline I instantly think of Auditorium Shores, which hands down is the best view of the city. Auditorium Shores has not only beautiful trails, and groves of trees, but is also conveniently located next to town lake so photo spots are endless.  

A big thank you to these creative ATX wedding photographers for letting us in on some of the best spots to shoot around Austin, Texas! 


Written by Corrie McGee
Photo by Emily Figurelli Photography