Do Couples Really Know What You Do? Three Tips to Attract More Couples as a Wedding Pro

Attract More Couples As a Wedding Pro

You’re an amazing wedding vendor that can make wedding dreams come true. Now, do couples know that about you? It’s a legitimate question you need to be asking yourself in order to attract more couples as a wedding pro!

It’s easy to overlook content when you are focused on the work that you do best (making dream weddings a reality), but the content is what helps connect couples with that amazing work that you are doing. For that reason, we have a simple list of three tips to help you attract more couples — so they know how great you are!


Don’t let the curse of knowledge prevent you from attracting and helping more couples create their dream wedding! The curse of knowledge is what happens when you are such an expert on something that you don’t realize how little someone else knows about the topic. For example, you’re an expert in your field, so it may seem silly to you to cover the basic details like saying you’re a wedding planner or talking about flower packages as a florist.

Here are three tips to help you overcome the curse of knowledge and attract those couples you want to work with!

1. Tell them how you help them solve a problem or help them achieve a goal.

This may seem basic, but it’s actually foundational – which means it’s essential! Look at your website, your social media, etc. Do you explain to potential customers how you can help them? Consider having a friend or family member look at the website with this in mind and see what they say.

From the very moment a visitor lands on your website, they need to know how you can help them solve a problem or achieve a goal.

Instead of using filler words with a script you think is required, write down an answer to the following question — What problem do you solve for your client/customer?

Now take that answer and use it to refresh what your website and social media say. Make the messaging from your company be benefits-focused.

2. Use clear and simple language to explain your service to attract more couples as a wedding pro.

The next step in this process is to review your website and social content to make sure your services are explained in simple and easy-to-digest language.

Remember, people came to you for solutions. While flowery or clever language can be fun, it’s important to be clear, concise, and eliminate guesswork.

Someone should be able to understand what you do and what you offer within a few seconds of being on your website. And even on pages where you go into more depth, be sure to use bullet points and lists that make it more readable.

3. Give them action steps to take.

The last tip is the most important one when it comes to getting potential clients to convert into paying customers. You need to give people an action step to take. And “Learn More” doesn’t count. You may feel like it’s salesy or pushy, but if you believe in your product, there’s no shame in being clear about what someone should do if they want to book your services.

Think about what specific action you want people to take and then ask them to take that action. Give them a button that talks about that action.

Do you want them to schedule an appointment? Do you want them to sign-up or visit the store? Whatever it is, make sure they know what it is and they have the ability to do it easily.


These three tips are focused on your website and social media because that is the primary place where you can attract more couples — and convert them into sales.

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Written by Corrie McGee