Bridal Fashion Trends: Wedding Headpieces and How Brides are Wearing Them

Wedding Headpieces and Bridal Headwear

Bridal headwear is one of the hottest trends in wedding fashion and the results are nothing short of stunning. From the elegant straw hats to the opulent bridal tiaras, we’re covering wedding headpieces and how brides are wearing them.


Royal Inspiration for Headpieces

Headwear has always been a part of wedding fashion, but the slew of royal weddings over the last few years has only increased bridal interest in wedding headpieces. This is especially true for headpieces with a more royal look that evokes the image of a queen or princess.

Beyond simply being beautiful accessories, weddings such as Princess Beatrice’s this past spring brought more focus on the beauty of heirlooms. She wore her Grandmother’s tiara which had been worn by other women in her family at iconic moments in their life.

A Renewed Focus on Accessories and Hair

In addition to that evergreen fascination with royals, the pandemic has brought about the term “above the keyboard” dressing thanks to Zoom calls and social distancing. This has ushered in a renewed focus on accessories and hair.

Whether it’s bows, turban headbands, or Russian-inspired crowns, there’s no end to the options for today’s brides.

Let’s jump right in to the bridal headwear inspiration with a list of the most popular trends we’re seeing in bridal fashion and wedding headpieces.

Bridal Headbands

One of the most popular wedding headwear selections is the bridal headband. They are a quick way to add some sparkle to your ensemble.

And headbands don’t mean veils aren’t an option. Brides can have the best of both worlds.

Russian-inspired headbands are one of the hottest styles because they have a royal crown look that perfect for a fashion-forward bride.

A faux-fur headband is the perfect winter wedding statement headpiece.

Mod-Style Turban Headpiece

We’re also seeing more of the 60s-inspired turban-style bridal headpieces like this one.

Bridal Fascinators

Bridal fascinators may just be the most elegant of all the wedding headpieces. They often rely on a striking, yet simple design. They are all at once practical and enchanting.

Statement Bows with Veils

Current bridal fashion is all about feminine detailing and bows are going to be everywhere! It’s a sweet way to top off a romantic look for any modern bride. And it’s especially popular with the elopement crowd which has grown in 2020.

Brides will also be wearing it with more traditional looks as well.

Bridal Straw Hats

Bridal hats aren’t new, but we’re seeing significant growth in the straw hat trend. Floppy, wide-brimmed hats that fall somewhere between resort wear and bucolic vintage will start popping up everywhere.

This will be especially popular with the growing cottage-core style in the coming years. It’s the next phase for the free-spirited bridal style. Another reason for the rise in this trend is the ability to make this fashion accessory with ethically-made materials.

Etherial Halos

This type of wedding headwear is inspired by the stars. It’s all at once a bold and yet a soft look which brides are embracing for their big day.

Another incarnation of this wedding accessory takes a more art-deco approach to the stars.

Floral Crowns and Embellishments

Floral elements come in all shapes and styles this season from bejeweled to blooming crowns and floating petal embellishments.

One particularly charming iteration of this trend is the bespoke design with a meaningful selection of blooms that will become an heirloom piece.

Floral pins that give a floating appearance add a beguiling touch to almost any wedding hairstyle.

Hair vines and stylized crowns are wedding hair ideas you’ll see more as the romantic aesthetic is taken to new heights in the next year.

Bridal Combs

These give brides an option for a more minimal approach to headpieces, but they can also be quite ornate.

Old World-Inspired Crowns and Wedding Headpieces

We’re seeing more of an homage to Old World romance such as Spanish and Russian inspired wedding headwear.

From fabric to metals and pearls, expect to see a wide variety of materials in bridal crowns.

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Written by Corrie McGee
Photo courtesy of Jannie Baltzer Copenhagen