5 Ways the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Can Help Your Small Business Navigate COVID-19

5 Ways the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Can Help Your Small Business Navigate COVID-19

Helpful resources have never been more important to the success of your small business than they are right now. With that in mind, we’ve put together 5 ways that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce can help your small business navigate COVID-19. 

Just like our team here at Wed Society, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is focused on bringing together helpful resources and finding ways to “stand up” for small building businesses during this time. This means that there is a ton of great information in constant supply on their website and we want to help you get the most out of your experience. 


  1. Their Coronavirus Small Business Survival Guide 

If you only check out one resource from CO (the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s business site), this should be the one. You’ll find everything from basic coronavirus checklists for your business to in-depth — and up-to-date relief package information as well as content on everything from employee management to marketing during COVID-19. This is an easy-to-navigate buffet of helpful information that every small business owner should know about. 

  1. Their Ready to Reopen Playbook

This playbook brings all the complicated details from reputable (and reliable) sources together in one place to make the process a little easier as you make your plan for reopening. 

From safety and security measures to your communication plan with your customers, the playbook covers every aspect of your reopening process and even has a useful guide for anticipating — and planning for any challenges. 

  1.  Their Live Web Events — Including Their National Small Business Town Hall 

They have a constant supply of educational event related to helping you navigate your business through COVID-19 with webinar topics such as Protecting Supply Chains During Coronavirus and more. 

If you are unable to make their live web events, they also make some of the videos available afterwards for continued learning. 

One of their most timely resources includes their National Small Business Town Hall events. You can catch all the replays here. Each of these town hall videos is specifically dedicated to a pandemic topic and will provide important information as you move forward. 

  1. Their Library of Content for Growing Your Small Business

Here is where you will find an ever-growing list of helpful content that covers attracting new customers and keeping existing clients happy and small business marketing tips. This has information that will help you be able to gain key insights and create next-level growth to bring your company through this season. 

  1. Their Coronavirus Communication Toolkit

Don’t worry about trying to create graphics with required and valuable information for your customers and employees. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a communication toolkit for small businesses with downloadable graphics regarding COVID-19 updates. 

Here at Wed Society, we have a dedicated COVID-19 resource page that will also be helpful as a quick list to guide your small business through this time. 

Have you already used some of these timely resources? Did they help you? Let us know in the comments below. 


Written by Corrie McGee