6 Charcuterie-Inspired Cheese Wedding Cakes Almost too Pretty to Eat

cheese wedding cake

These six delectable cheese wedding cakes are so beautiful we Camembert it! If your sweet dreams are made of cheese who are we to dis a Brie? Now that we have all the dairy-laden puns out of our system, let’s talk about these scrumptious cheese wedding cakes. They can actually go by a few different names — cheese wheel cake, cheese cake (not to be confused with the delicious dessert), and cheese towers.

Charcuterie tables and grazing spreads continue to be one of the hottest trends in wedding catering and that includes an alternative to the traditional wedding cake — the curated cheese wheel wedding cakes. 

Imagine two, three, four — even five luscious layers of your favorite artisanal cheeses from the soft to hard, from the mild to the stinky (their word, not ours) — these caterers, fromageries, and expert cheesemongers have created cheese wedding cakes that are as beautiful as they are delicious! 


A cheese wedding cake or wedding cheese cake (again, depending on who you talk to) are stacked cheese wheels that can come in a variety of flavors, sizes, and styles. It gives the same lovely allusion of a traditional wedding cake and serves as the centerpiece of any charcuterie spread. 

Many couples choose these cakes because they are a unique alternative, they are visually appealing, they are a protein-rich food that gives guests the strength to dance all night — and they are the perfect compliment to all the lovely grazing table accouterments. This selection is also quite popular with wine aficionados as it pairs well together. 


From New Orleans to Singapore, let’s dive into our tasty inspiration.

Sheridans Cheesemongers in Galway

Cheese Wedding Cake | Sheridans Cheesemonger

Photo Courtesy of Confetti

Sheridans was started by owners — and brothers — Kevin and Seamus with a single shop in Galway filled from floor to ceiling to Irish farmhouse cheeses. Since then, Sheridans has expanded all across Ireland with shops from Dublin to Cork. They specialize in delicious local cheeses from goat and sheep to all manner of flavorful combinations.

The Cheese School in San Fransisco

Cheese Wedding Cakes | The Cheese School

Photo Courtesy of The Cheese School

This charming creation from The Cheese School in San Fransisco is called the Mini Italian cheese wheel cake. It may be small, but it can serve up to 75 guests. The first layer is a creamy goat cheese blend followed by water buffalo cheese with a sweet cream flavor and hints of wildflowers. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a mouth-puckering aged cheese bathed in balsamic vinegar and finished with a crowd-pleasing Piedmont region cheese. It’s like an edible trip to Italy!

The Farmer’s Daughter in British Columbia

Cheese Wedding Cakes | Farmer's Daughter Fromagerie

Photo Courtesy of The Farmer’s Daughter

At The Farmer’s Daughter, they say the secret ingredient is cheese. This fromagerie, bistro, and wine bar offers a wide variety of cheeses that reflect the dedication and passion of cheesemakers. Their cheese wedding cakes celebrate the rich history and diverse styles of their locale. This delicious option called The Softy Cheese Wheel Cake is a favorite with flavors from France to Quebec.

St. James Cheese Company in New Orleans

Cheese Wedding Cake | St. James Cheese Company

Photo Courtesy of St. James Cheese Company

This luscious creation from St. James Cheese Company is called The Southern Collection. It features a mix of buttery and sweet-flavored cheeses from dairies in North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia — a true southern offering. St. James is well-noted for its meticulously selected and unexpected flavor combinations. From the grand affair to the intimate celebration, they have curated a mouth-watering selection for every soiree.

The Cheese Bar in Australia

Cheese Wedding Cakes | The Cheese Bar

Photo Courtesy of The Cheese Bar

This cheese wedding cake from The Cheese Bar may just be too pretty to eat! They specialize in custom or DIY “cheese towers,” as they call them, so you’re sure to have a one-of-a-kind creation. This particular offering is considered the tower to end all towers. It’s a stunning showpiece that can feed up to 140 guests complete with top-shelf cheeses on every layer. From Saint Agur to Woombye Blackall Gold Washed Rind — cheese connoisseurs are sure to be delighted with this exquisite piece.

Lush Platters in Singapore

Cheese Wedding Cakes | Lush Platters

Photo Courtesy of Lush Platters

Lush Platters doesn’t settle for the average cheeseboard experience. They specialize in arranging stylish, abundant showstoppers — and that includes their cheese wedding cakes. Lush touts having the honor of bringing the ‘grazing’ sensation to Singapore. But what truly sets them apart is their wide array of vegan options — including specialty cheeses and grazing table or boxed nibbles.

With so many talented cheesemongers out there, couples are positively spoiled for choices when it comes to these cheesy wedding showstoppers!

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Photo courtesy of Lush Platters
Written by Corrie McGee