Community Over Competition: 5 Ways to Support Your Fellow Wedding Pros

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Discover five ways to support your fellow wedding pros with these easy ways to prioritize community over competition.

The wedding industry is known for being a tight-knit community, and it’s more important than ever that wedding pros support one another. If COVID taught us anything, it would be that we’re better together, and there’s more value in prioritizing community over competition. (There’s room for all of us to win!)

Let’s keep building a strong community by supporting one another. Sometimes it’s as simple as liking a post and there’s something we can all do!


Here are a few simple ways you can prioritize community over competition and support your fellow wedding pros!

1. Hype Them On Social

As wedding pros, we’re all inspired by each other’s work, so it’s important to show that by following wedding pros we enjoy and liking their work. It’s easy to just be an on-looker, but think of how valuable it is when your followers like or save your posts.

Here are a few quick and valuable ways to hype fellow wedding pros on social media —

  • Follow their account.
  • Like their posts.
  • Engage with their content. Comment. (If you like their work, say something!)
  • Share their posts. If you do roundup lists in your stories or reels, add them!
  • Save their posts — especially ones you are inspired by and want to keep.
  • Tag them in any photos your post where their work is highlighted.

2. Encourage Them + Check In On Them

Running a business can be a very lonely experience. Running a wedding business during a pandemic can be a very stressful experience. This is where that human to human interaction is so important. This is the step that really communicates community over competition. And it is so simple. Check on your fellow wedding pros. A text, an email, a letter — reach out to a fellow vendor this week with an encouraging word or simply ask them how they are.

You never know how valuable a simple message can be, so don’t overlook the little things. Those words or just knowing someone is thinking about you can be just the boost that vendor needed to keep going!

3. Write A Review

We think about reviews as primarily being from clients, but how many of us have added reviews for the wedding vendors we’ve worked with that were awesome partners in the wedding process?

Next time you work with a fellow wedding vendor and you are impressed with their work, don’t be afraid to say so in a review on Google, Facebook, etc.

4. Collaborate

Keep other vendors in mind when it comes time to collaborate and don’t be afraid to invite them to collaborate. Especially for new vendors that are just getting established in the industry, this can be a great help!

It could be inviting someone to do a styled photoshoot, or interview them on your Instagram Live, do a guest blog, etc.

5. Share the Wealth (Resources, Insights, Tips, etc.)

Our final tip is a simple one. When you find a great resource (like Wed Society or some tips on growing your business or getting better at social media, etc.) share that knowledge!

There’s plenty of space in this industry for all of us to win. Don’t be afraid to share the tips, tricks, and business hacks you discover.


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We hope you’ll be encouraged by her success story and be inspired in your own endeavors!


Written by Corrie McGee