3 Experts Share Their Favorite Wedding and Event Lighting Trends for 2021

wedding and event lighting trends

If you’re following wedding trends for 2021, you know that ambiance lighting is at the top of the hotlist. Couples are ready to set the mood for a unique experience for their guests with some wow-style lighting. With that in mind, we’re talking to three experts who are sharing their favorite wedding and event lighting trends for 2021.

1. Time Matters Entertainment

Photo Courtesy of Time Matters Entertainment

  • Broadcast-Quality Wash Lighting — Broadcast-quality wash lighting can enhance your live stream. Video cameras require even and precise lighting for the best outcome and quality. Not every light is broadcast quality, that means if not correct it could flicker on camera or be the wrong color temperature. Video streaming weddings has become an alternative way to allow guests who might not feel safe or are immune-compromised to attend and feel a part of your special day.
  • Wireless LED Tube lighting — Wireless LED tube lighting is a fun way to enhance your venue. Hang, stand, mount led tubes to bring out colors and bring out the fun at your reception they can even react to the music. Astera Tubes are wireless and water-resistant, perfect to place in outside gardens, use as an alternative to stanchions, or use for colorful step and repeats.
  • LED String Lighting — LED string lighting is a classical wedding look still in high demand! An easy and cost-efficient way to romantically light your venue.
  • Cake lighting. Light your cake! Event lighting can provide an elegant look and match your theme colors. Don’t leave your cake in the dark, make it a centerpiece.

Source: Taylor Hobart, Owner

2. Marianne’s Rentals | Special Event Solutions

Photo Courtesy of Marianne’s Rentals

  • Strand Lighting — Whether it is bistro or the mini white lights (similar to Christmas lights) these are always a customer favorite. We are seeing super unique installation ideas from lining the walls of tents to creating custom ceiling designs over the head tables to your standard favorite over the dance floor.
  • Cake Table Lighting — We expect to see more cake table lighting. This has been a staple in the past but has varied over the last few years. We are seeing more and more brides want their cake table lit beautifully. It really makes a huge difference in pictures. 
  • Custom Signs — We are seeing custom neon signs for backdrops behind the cake and/or head table/ bars. We love neon signs! We offer a few to rent that are super cute and the client often purchases one and we take care of the hanging and powering. a great custom touch to your wedding and something you can use in your home forever!

Source: Jennifer Rodriguez, General Manager

3. OKC Entertainment

Photo by Taylor Sivard Photography

  • Sparktacular Machines — It’s no secret that sparklers and weddings make some pretty amazing photos, but we all know the potential hazards and risks that come with the reward. Some venues have completely banned sparklers as an optional method for send-offs altogether. As soon as we began offering our Sparktacular machines, they have been in increasingly high demand. These are an innovative non-pyro technology that creates a spark fountain with the ability to shoot up to over 15ft in the air. The effect produces no smoke, no scent, and no safety-risk to the client or their guests. Not only do they make breathtaking photos for the send-off. They can also be used indoors and look absolutely incredible during introductions or first dances as well!
  • Complete Room Transformation — Complete room transformations are rarely seen in the our wedding market. Sure, uplighting by itself can be somewhat effective; But package them with accent lighting, pinspots, room washes, ceiling or dance floor texture, and a custom monogram containing your names/initials on the dance floor and you’ve got a combination that’s definitely going to make jaws drop when your guests enter your reception.
  • Cake Projection Mapping — To make something outstanding, you need to think outside of the box. A good way to do that is to utilize technology to enrich a common wedding element – Meet cake projection mapping. A sure way to make your wedding cake 100% unique and unrepeatable is projection mapping technology applied to wedding cakes. A white wedding cake is a perfect canvas for motion pictures to be projected on. The idea is simple: you choose the video fragment or pictures and project this exactly on your cake to make it breathtakingly live! Express your imagination by choosing any visuals you want to animate the wedding cake and let your guests remember your event.

Source: Steve Lunsford, Owner

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A huge thank you to our experts for sharing their forecasts for the wedding and events lighting trends for 2021.


Written by Corrie McGee