The Basics of Google Search Console for Wedding Businesses

wedding tent - basics of google search console for wedding vendors

Google Search Console is yet another free service from Google that allows you to check the health of your website, learn more about the people who visit it as well as identify the keywords being used to find your business.

Search Console used to be called Webmaster Tools but fear not: you definitely don’t need to be a “webmaster” to utilize this valuable tool. As a wedding business owner, there are just a few basics you’ll want to know. After all, your website is your most valuable business asset online!

What is Google Search Console and How Do I Register My Site?

Google Search Console is a channel for Google to be able to communicate with individual site owners. By having an account, Google can send you valuable information about your website, including errors and penalties that may need resolving to improve performance. To register your website, simply go to and log in using your Google account information.

Google Search Console also provides tools that can help in improving your site content, refining your site settings, and minimizing errors. It lets you submit your web pages to be evaluated for errors that could hinder potential couples from finding you on the web. Google Search Console also has a helpful analytics dashboard with insightful data about how your website is showing and performing in searches.

Wedding business owners should definitely take advantage of the free resources Google Search Console has to offer. With a setup that takes just minutes and valuable information, you can use to tweak your site to be seen by more of the right people, using Search Console is a no-brainer.

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