Instagram Bio Link Options for Every Wedding Pro

person holding phone with instagram open and instagram bio link options for wedding pros

As a wedding industry professional who likely uses social media for your business on a daily basis, it can be tough to navigate the Instagram waters sometimes. Since its inception, Instagram has only allowed one link in each page’s bio, which of course needs to be used strategically. Why not send them to your main website’s home page, right? Well, for a bustling multifaceted wedding business, it can be tricky to pick just one page of your site to promote!

Your home page is a wonderful place for people to land if they find you on the internet, but if they’re interacting with your Instagram and perhaps you have a sale going on, a blog post you want to promote, a downloadable lead magnet or even just your contact form that you want to send them to directly, you don’t want to put that one specific link in your bio and consequently neglect other important pages.

Enter: Instagram bio link tools. These handy tools essentially help you build a landing page users can click on from your bio and from there, find exactly what they’re looking for without searching your entire website. They allow you to display all of your business’s most important links in one place.

The most popular Instagram bio link tools for wedding professionals: – The original Instagram bio link tool. Simple in appearance and to create, with free and professional levels.‘s paid version offers more links, more branding options, tracking/stats and customization features, while the free version offers a few different color schemes and one simple layout.

Taplink -– Very similar to in appearance. However, Taplink also allows you to link to other social media profiles with buttons for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and lets you collect emails and even payment info right there on your Taplink page. Users don’t ever have to leave Instagram! Taplink’s robust setup also has the options to create an FAQ page, an offer grab with images or a video and more.

Link in Profile – This option takes users to a page that looks exactly like your Instagram feed, except each image is clickable and can go to the link of your choice. As opposed to the options above, this Instagram bio link tool is ideal for wedding pros who sell several different products and highlight those products through imagery on their feed (i.e., dress boutiques, rentals, etc.). Your Link in Profile landing page automatically updates whenever you add another image to your grid, as long as you specify the destination link. This tool requires a fee, but is certainly robust and can help drive sales in a big way. – Affiliated and running in tandem with Later, one of our favorite social media scheduling tools, is similar to Link in Profile and shows a landing page reflective of your existing grid images. You can connect up to 5 links per grid post, which is great for wedding businesses selling products frequently or with lots of different links that could correspond to different images on the grid. Our sister brands at Brides of North Texas, Brides of Austin, Brides of Houston and Brides of Oklahoma currently use to link out to various blog posts and editorials from their individual Instagram images. A free version does exist, but the paid version has many more features.

Which Instagram bio link option should I use?

Tools like and with textual links listed out in an easy-to-use button format are perfect for wedding vendors wanting to direct customers to a variety of destinations and be able to highlight several parts of their website at once. These are typically better for service-based businesses.

On the other hand, visual bio link tools that replicate the grid like and Link In Profile are ideal for wedding vendors in product-based businesses, sharing products frequently with the goal of driving sales and making their Instagram shoppable.

While these tools are all helpful in their own unique ways, there are downsides they have in common. They aren’t owned by you (meaning you have no control over how these apps and websites could change at any time), they can be hard to track and attribute correctly in terms of analytics and they can do a disservice to your brand because none of these landing pages will look exactly like your website or the rest of your branding materials. So what’s the smartest alternative?

The best way to get multiple links in your Instagram bio:

The ultimate way to share multiple relevant links within your Instagram profile is to create a custom landing page on your own website. No need to get complicated: this can just be a simple page that looks like an extension of the rest of your website and with relevant links listed, maybe a footer with buttons for your other social media profiles, and minimal imagery. This solution offers cohesive branding, easy trackability and 100% customization.

Consider a simple URL like or Something short and sweet for your bio that indicates to clients that this is where they can find what they need. If having your home page in your Instagram bio isn’t ideal, this is a great workaround to be able to share all things relevant and current for your biz and put your Instagram images to work!


Written by Kaitlyn Bullard