12 Stunning Groom’s Cake Ideas to Inspire You

Wedding cakes are the centerpiece of the entire celebration, but groom’s cakes have so much fun! From the clever to the sweet and everything in between, we’re diving straight into all the fun with 12 stunning groom’s cake ideas to inspire you.


The tradition of the groom’s cake originated in Victorian-era Britain. The first groom’s cakes were far richer than traditional wedding cakes with flavors like chocolate or fruitcakes with alcohol. These were considered more appropriate for men.

This cake tradition spun off its own traditions such as giving a piece of the cake in small box to an unmarried woman attending the wedding. Instead of eating it, she was supposed to put it under her pillow in hopes that she would find a husband.

Colonists brought it across the pond where it was most popular in southern states. Chocolate, red velvet, or cheesecake are still the most popular flavors for groom’s cakes.

Today, in addition to the rich flavors, groom’s cakes are all about showcasing the personality and interests of the groom.


These 12 groom’s cakes are full of personality, creativity, and all the inspiration you need!

1. A Favorite Store

This groom’s cake takes things to the next level with the sheer scope and detail of the tiny Buc-ee’s. You know there has to be quite a story behind the inspiration for this cake!

2. A Favorite Restaurant

The realistic detail on these chicken nuggets on this groom’s cake has our mouths watering, and we’re ready for a slice of this cake.

3. A Packed Yeti

For the avid outdoorsman groom, this Yeti packed with fish takes the cake. Complete with overflowing ice and detailed stickers, we give our full compliments to the baker. This trend is everywhere in groom’s cakes with Yeti coolers filled with the groom’s favorite drinks or his latest catch.

4. A Golden Glove

No one would fault us for calling this groom’s cake a real — knockout! (All puns intended.) If we didn’t know better, we’d think this stunner was an actual trophy.

5. A Cultural Celebration

This lederhosen groom’s cake is almost too “wunderbar” to eat! What a fun way to celebrate your culture and have some fun at the same time.

6. A Local Nod

Armadillos are a Texas thing, so it’s only natural this Texan groom would have a little fun with an armadillo cake for his big day.

7. An Alma Mater

Another popular groom’s cake is one that pays homage to the groom’s alma mater. This Texas A&M University ring is the tastiest looking jewelry we’ve ever seen.

8. A Shoe-In

You don’t have to love sports to appreciate this wedding-themed sneaker cake. It looks as clever as it does tasty!

9. An Adorable Pet

Underneath this life-like exterior lies some scrumptious German chocolate cake, but this one may just be too cute to eat.

10. A Straight-Forward Cake

While groom’s cakes are famous for their creativity, there are some that simply prefer a straight-forward design reflecting what’s on the inside.

11. An Heroic Cake

This is a cake of heroic proportions. Three tiers of superhero deliciousness with stunning details is definitely worthy of being a groom’s cake.

12. A Favorite Show

This is the “world’s best” cake — that’s what he said! This fun-loving groom added a few personal details to a well-known favorite show, The Office.

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Written by Corrie McGee