Trending Wedding Color Palettes

Trending Wedding Color Palettes for 2021

From bold and bright to soft and neutral, we’re talking all about trending wedding color palettes.

Couples planning their wedding post-COVID, lockdowns, and quarantine are looking to celebrate with mood-boosting hues this year. (And we’re completely here for this colorful infusion.) You can expect to see shocking shades along with whispers of color โ€” and even some unexpected blends of the two. You’ll also see dusty appearing before most colors such as dusty rose, dusty blue, dusty sage, etc. Rust is also a hot trend you can find all throughout the next year.

The trends are being pushed by the Edwardian-inspired feminine romance, and return to nature as well as the joyful expression we’re seeing emerge post-quarantine.

Get ready for some dreamy wedding details and color inspiration!

Green and White

A lush green and white palette is en vogue for 2021 weddings. There’s a calmness, a natural vibe that brings a freshness with this color combination the couples are leaning towards after the uncertainty of 2020. Experts call it a return to simplicity.

Other iterations of this trend include accents of gold or champagne to set off the simple green and white look.

Pastels Paired with Drama

Sometimes it’s red and sometimes it’s deep pinks or purples, but you can expect to see cheerful pastels sharing the stage with drama queen blooms in deep, rich shades.

Think Pink

While we’re on the subject of pink … pink isn’t just for Wednesdays โ€” it’s something modern couples are enjoying on their big day!

Couples are opting for daring deep pinks in saturated shades and soft blush tones with just a hint of color. We can’t get enough of this luxe color palette.

Blue Hues

Light blue, dusty blue, mint blue โ€” oh my! Blue hues are one of the hottest trends in 2021 wedding color palettes. We’re seeing them paired with blush colors, pinks, greens, and our favorite โ€” peach and buttery neutrals!

Blue is versatile and timeless. From slate blue to minty blues and more, we’re seeing accents to full saturation of this comforting color. Wedding pros and couples alike have fallen hard for these comforting shades. You’ll see this popping up from florals to wedding dresses and everything in between.

Terracotta and Burnt Earth Tones

The events of last year caused a surge in the return to natural elements โ€” and we will continue to see the terracotta and burnt earth tones be a popular color palette. It’s often paired with three other colors on this trend list โ€” gray, sage, and teal.

Modern Neutrals in Buttery and Blush Tones

Blush and buttery neutrals are the perfect way for modern brides to add some luxe vibes without too much drama.

From yellow to dusty, we’re loving the modern neutrals joining the tonal family.

Lilac and Tonal Purples

Soft purples from lilac to lavender all the way to deeper burgundy shades are part of the renaissance of feminine details that are oh-so-popular for weddings in 2021.

Ultimate Gray

Ultimate Gray is one half of Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2021. (The other is a cheerful shade of yellow.) The great thing about this gray palette is how versatile it is. It moves seamlessly from light and airy to chic and elegant depending on what it’s paired with.

It works well with multiple other trending wedding colors for 2021, which means you’ll be seeing a lot of this color.


Yes, we’ve already covered green, but sage is something a little different. We would be remiss if we didn’t give it its own category.

Sage can than it’s popularity to the resurgence of eucalyptus in weddings. From boho brides to minimalist couples, most everyone can agree that eucalyptus is a versatile and exciting addition to a wedding.

It works well in multiple areas and is seasonless, so expect to see it all year round.

Champagne and Sparkling Metallics

Champagne and weddings are a natural pairing. This classic wedding color has an ethereal and royal touch that fits the trend for 2021. Whether it’s an accent color or the perfect wedding gown, modern couples are saying yes to Champagne.

We’ve covered the trending wedding palettes for 2021. Now, let’s keep the trending coverage coming with Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends for 2021.


Written by Corrie McGee
Photo courtesy of  Jennifer Conti Photography