10 Trending Wedding Floral Designs

As creatives, it’s great to gather inspiration from the work of others and celebrate the community of creatives of which you are a part! Today, we’re looking at 10 trending wedding floral designs that are taking the wedding community by storm.

Some of the top floral designs for 2021 include foam-free floral creations, reimagined classics, tiny bouquets, and more! Let’s get started gathering inspiration from these talented wedding floral designers.

We’ve covered the floral wedding trends in-depth in our Wedding Flower Trends 2021 report here. Now, we’re looking at how those trends are being brought to life on Instagram.

1. Floral Arches

Floral arches are one of the hottest trending wedding floral designs and they’re not going anywhere for a while. We’re seeing these in everything from cheerful garden blooms to architectural styles in hyper-rich colors and pale dried flowers.

2. Buttery Wedding Flower Palettes

Look for buttery tones to stay around all year long — and longer. Butter-toned wedding flowers work for every season and wedding style. They pair well with blues and pinks as well as rusts and more foraged-looking pieces.

3. Color Blocking or Color Gradient Wedding Floral Designs

Floral designs and engaged couples alike are ready for some bold wedding flower designs. One of the popular wedding flower trends is having a color gradient of blooms — or doing a statement color-blocking flower design.

4. Floating Florals

Floating wedding flower installations are the perfect ethereal touch to the romantic weddings modern couples are looking for.

Floating florals don’t always have to be in the air. Sometimes they can start on the ground and look like they are free-floating up to the sky.

5. Monochromatic Wedding Flowers

We just talked about gradient floral design — now let’s talk about monochromatic floral design. This trend focuses on textures and subtle color changes which allows the wedding flowers themselves to be seen in an entirely different light.

6. Floral Accents on Wedding Backdrops

Wedding floral designs are getting support from backdrops such as wire signs, wooden arches, and more! Check out these stunning floral accents on wedding backdrops.

7. Floral Candelabras

Wedding flowers and candles are the best of friends when it comes to wedding trends! One of our favorite trending floral designs is the surge in color-coordinated floral candelabras.

8. Architectural Floral Designs

There’s a rising trend towards a more architectural approach to wedding florals such as centerpieces and other accents. It’s all about texture and flow. This is an exciting time for floral design because there’s a renewed focus on the flowers and their relationship with each other within the display.

9. Cheerful Wedding Flower Color Palettes

Wedding floral designers are bringing out the colorful blooms! Part of this is because couples coming out of the uncertainty of 2020 are looking for mood-boosting color palettes.

10. Elopement Bouquets

With more couples looking at smaller weddings or elopements — and celebrating bigger at a later time — elopement bouquets are becoming a big trend.

These are often smaller, highly stylized wedding bouquets.

For the larger elopement bouquets, they are designed in a way to look good from any angle.

Floral Wedding Fans

This is a new trend, but something to keep an eye on. We’re talking about floral wedding fans — in place of the traditional wedding bouquet.

Stylized Wedding Flowers

Floral designers are working more with stylizing petals and giving traditional wedding flowers a fresh new look.

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Written by Corrie McGee