10 Rising Trends in Wedding Entertainment Experiences

We’re seeing a lot of exciting trends in wedding entertainment for 2021. From rescue animals to live wedding paintings and more, we’re sharing all the fun entertainment experiences you’ll be seeing more of next year.

Whether it’s a big blowout full of fireworks or an intimate dinner with DIY cocktails, couples are choosing to celebrate with their guests in unique ways!

1. Fairground Rides (And Games)

Photo Courtesy of Partyworks Interactive

Couples are ready to transport their guests to the fair! That’s right, fairground rides and games are on the rise. What’s more fun than your own personal Ferris wheel followed by some good old-fashioned carnival games without the crowds and hassle?

2. Live Wedding Artists

Photo Courtesy of Jennie Lou Art

Artistic entertainment that’s on the rise. This trend has been growing in popularity over the last few years and it’s only getting more popular. Live wedding painting, sketching, watercolor, and even caricature artists are delighting guests with an unforgettable favor as well as capturing the wedding scene in real-time. Having this once-in-a-lifetime moment captured as it’s happening makes the piece of art all the more rich and satisfying to enjoy later.

Here’s a fun timelapse to show you how this works —

Courtesy of Casey Reid

3. Rescue Animals

Photo Courtesy of Aspen Ranch

What is sweeter than having a miniature horse as your flower girl? The answer is letting your guests get in some cuddles with the rest of adorable rescue animals now enjoying all the attention and love that they deserve. That’s what’s happening at Aspen Ranch. They are passionate about animal rescue and allow wedding guests to enjoy some quality time with their growing brood of rescues as a way to bring attention to this cause.

They aren’t alone. Couples are having rescue dogs in their ceremony in hopes of helping them be adopted, and much more. This is wedding entertainment with a heart and it’s one of the most popular trends we’re seeing for 2021.

4. DIY Food and Drink Stations

Photo Courtesy of Cozy Bars

From decadent dessert or grazing tables to custom cocktails and DIY drink stations, guests are loving doing it for themselves. There’s something exciting about having your own ice cream truck at an event or playing bartender for yourself. In a day and age where customization is expected, DIY stations give that option for both variety and personalization.

5. The Reimagined Photo Booth

Wedding Entertainment Trends

Photo Courtesy of Homestead Photo Booth

Cutting-edge technology meets nostalgic vibes with the reimagined photo booths we’re seeing. From vintage vans to farmhouse-inspired set-ups, couples are giving their guests something to smile about.

We’re seeing fun props and cheeky signage making a come back, and we’re loving every minute of it.

6. Mood Music

Photo by Taylor Nicole Photography

More and more couples are focused on setting the mood for their event. Whether it’s a string quartet, a full-scale live band, or a single instrument like the harp, it’s all about creating a seamless experience throughout the event — and ultimately creating an enjoyable ambiance. The harp is a unique instrument that fits this bill.

From classical to romantic and even modern covers, a harpist is able to set the mood with rich tones with an instrument that is as beautiful to see as it is to hear.

Couples are also setting the mood with live performances from opera singers and other celebrity performers, which we are loving!

7. Making Guests Part of the Entertainment

Photo Courtesy of OneThreeOneFour

With more weddings getting smaller thanks to COVID, we’re seeing the trend of getting guests involved with activities like old-fashioned games, talent shows, and even karaoke with the live band.

Games like the Wedding Shoe Game will have the entire reception laughing as the couple navigate questions about who is better or worse at what — all while blindfolded.

Giant yard games, table trivia games, and more. It’s all about enjoying time together and couples are delighting their guests.

Depending on the type and size of event, a rousing round of karaoke with your favorite live band would be unforgettable!

8. Learning Something New

Photo Courtesy of Rustic Grace Estate

Learning a new skill may sound odd for a wedding reception, but a growing number of couples are bringing someone in to teach the group something. The most popular trend is teaching guests a new dance. From line dancing to a full choreographed dance to be performed at the end of the night, wedding guests are not too cool for school.

This is especially fun when couples share their culture with their guests and they learn a dance that means something special.

9. Bringing in Performers

Photo Courtesy of Lucas Jet

Imagine your own personal Cirque du Soleil-style performance! That’s what couples are doing. Circus performances, synchronized swimmers, aerialists, fire eaters, and more. This trend ensures a night no wedding guests will ever forget!

10. Fireworks

Photo Courtesy of Aspen Ranch

What better way to end the night’s events than with a Fourth-of-July-level firework show? After all, this is a celebration — and many couples want to shout it from the rooftops — with fireworks. It makes for an amazing photo-opp and feels like you’re in a movie montage.

What’s great about this form of entertainment is that it gives everyone a moment to pause during or at the end of the celebration and take it all in. (That’s especially great for the couple, who has likely been busy the entire night.)

For those who can’t do outdoor fireworks, there are some amazing options for safe indoor fireworks. (Check out our blog of lighting options to see more on that.)

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Written by Corrie McGee

Photo Courtesy of Homestead Photo Booth