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The wedding cake is the unspoken centerpiece of the big day, and we’re seeing more people and vendors get creative about how they highlight that centerpiece. That’s why we’re highlighting the top 10 wedding cake stands and displays for 2022!

During 2020, we saw a few interesting trends emerge. So how did 2020 affect wedding cake trends for 2022? First, it brought back the small wedding cake as the en vogue choice for a wedding centerpiece. Second, restrictions on gathering and wedding sizes meant fewer guests, which meant less cake was needed.

Expect 2022 Wedding Cakes to be Creative, But Small

Couples still had a good wedding cake budget, so smaller cakes became more elaborate and creative, and that trend has continued to evolve through to 2022.

Now couples have a small two-tiered cake that’s highlight stylized while forgoing larger, plainer cakes.

More Couples Will Opt for Multiple Cakes in 2022

For many couples, multiple cakes are the answer! Their bakers are creating elaborate collections of various flavors and styles that make one cohesive design palette.

Not Everyone Wants a Smaller Cake

There’s another trend to come out of the downsizing from 2020. That trend is couples going big with seven or eight tiered cakes. So while some couples are jumped on the trend for smaller wedding cakes in 2022, some couples have decided to take things to the next level – literally – on their wedding day.

From cake hoops and frames to mesh and acrylic cake stands, we’ve got all the stunning inspiration for the hottest 2022 wedding cake trends.

1. Cake Hoop

We see wedding cake hoops in various shapes and sizes, from rectangular and oval to floating options. These are perfect for couples looking for a minimalist option and couples looking to create an over-the-top floral accent.

In addition to floral accents, we’re seeing more wedding stylists use draped fabrics to add drama to the centerpiece.

Couples with a penchant for a more modern, geometric vibe make the hexagon and pentagon shape hoops a very popular selection for 2022.

2. Crescent Cake Stands

Crescent cake stands are one of the more whimsical trends we see for 2022 weddings — and we love how versatile they are. You can style them bountiful baby’s breath or leave them looking — modern minimalist.

Some vendors even carry a small crescent accent that can go straight into the cake itself.

3. Cake Arches

Cakes arches are a great way to frame a wedding while mirroring the other arches throughout the wedding design that are trending with current couples.

4. Mesh Cake Stands

Mesh cake stands come in all heights and colors. They are being paired with items like the cake arches as seen above or can stand alone. Bakers and couples are having them customized to fit the unique palette of the specific wedding design.

Mesh backdrops are also part of the trending wedding cake displays for 2022.

5. Cake Box Stand

The cake box stand is one of the most striking designs for wedding cake displays. It truly makes it a work of art!

6. Cage Cake Stand

This is a great selection for the more adventurous or whimsical couples!

7. Cake Spiral Stand

Floral accents have made a resurgence after 2020, and one way that couples are leveling up their game is with cake spirals or spiral cake displays. This works particularly well with a simple cake with texture but not a variety of colors or details.

8. Duo Cake Stands

What’s better than one beautiful cake? Two cakes!

9. Minimalist Cake Stands

For couples who prefer to let the cake steal the show in a more subtle way, we’re seeing a trend towards a minimalist cake stand or multiple minimalist wedding cakes stands paired together.

10. Plinth or Pedestal Cake Table

Keep a lookout for plinth and pedestal cake stands for weddings in 2022. Especially, the modern, white plinth or pedestal creates the perfect canvas to allow the cake to stand out. We also see couples and designers using multiple plinths and pedestals to create a visual texture.

BONUS: Wedding Cake Swing

This trend isn’t completely new, but we see a resurgence in popularity for the cake swing from the table-top designs to the more elaborate display! These are especially popular for outdoor weddings, which have become more common post-2020.


Many of the trending wedding ideas in this feature come from a small business out of Derbyshire, England, called Bramble Sky. They create these handmade stands from reclaimed timber planks and steel.

You can visit their Etsy shop or check them out on Instagram for more information on their handmade wedding cake stands. (Be sure to keep an eye on these guys as we anticipate their popularity to grow exponentially over the next few years!)

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Written by Corrie McGee
Photo Courtesy of Bramble Sky