Wedding Catering: Wedding Pros Showcasing the Best Vegan Dishes

When it comes to wedding catering — vegan dishes are much more than a side salad these days. From vegan cheese to vegan soul food and more, chefs, caterers, and wedding pros are showcasing the best of the best in vegan dishes that are showing up at weddings everywhere!


We’re highlighting some of the best vegan dishes coming to the forefront of the wedding industry in 2021. Whether it is for dietary needs, a desire to help the environment or a belief system, more modern couples are opting to add vegan dishes to their big day!

Let’s jump in with our mouth-watering list of delicious food and the chefs who are pushing the limits in vegan food —

Vegan Cheese for Charcuterie Boards and More

Going vegan doesn’t mean couples can’t be part of the charcuterie fun. Chefs, cooks, and caterers around the world have created some amazing vegan cheeses that are plant-based. These are more than an alternative to the “real thing.” They are delicious enough to be a show-stopper.

Los Angeles-based Misha’s Kind Foods is also part of that growing trend to create plant-based, no dairy cheese. This trend makes it easier for wedding caterers to offer couples tasty vegan celebration menus.

These spreads are made from a cashew and almond milk base, blended with locally-sourced fresh herbs and vegetables — and don’t come with the typical nutritional yeast and soy or filler starches in many low-quality vegan products.

Whether it’s for a spread or a sit-down dinner, vegan cheese is having a moment in wedding catering.

Vegan Comfort Food

It may be difficult for some people to think of vegan and comfort food in the same sentence, but it’s true! Vegan comfort is a real thing, and we’re definitely here for it.

Restaurant and caterer, V-Grits located in Kentucky, does vegan comfort food well. When it comes to vegan takeout or vegan fast food, no one does it better. Their menu includes the vegan pit beef bbq sandwich complete with chickpea salad and vegan ginger beer.

If vegan bbq isn’t enough, they also have chicken fried oyster mushroom wings complete with buffalo sauce and ranch. Restaurants like V-Grits are a growing trend — and they are proving that comfort food isn’t just for the carnivores.

In addition to caterers, there are also a growing number of vegan Instagram influencers hyping the vegan burger to the next level.

Lond-based executive chef and vegan influencer — Gaz Oakley specializes in hearty, yet healthy plant-based recipes.

Healthy Sweet Treats like Protein Balls and Chia Pudding

COVID impacted the way consumers want to eat and what they want to eat. There has been a renewed focus on health. When it comes to food, even at their wedding, people don’t just want bland, “healthy choices” — they want proactively beneficial ingredients. Enter vegan chocolate and protein balls.

At Fresh Creations in San Diego, their chef is a plant-based catering specialist determined to recreate her mother’s classic desserts with nutrient-dense, clean ingredients like these bite-sized protein balls. This vegan dish is growing in popularity post COVID.

For some vegan chefs, they prefer to venture more on the artistic side, which makes for an even pretty wedding menu such as Wild Root Kitchen’s vegan chocolate balls with rose and pistachio accents.

Another popular vegan dish when it comes to wedding catering is personal chia pudding desserts like this one from executive chef, Gaz Oakley. Chia pudding has more potassium than a banana, more calcium than cow’s milk, and it’s high in protein — making this popular for the taste as well as the content.

Vegan Asian Fusion Dishes

From vegan boa sliders to dumplings, sushi, and more, there is no shortage of amazing flavor combinations when it comes to Asian fusion cuisine.

These vegan dishes often come with fermented vegetables and a stunning mix of spices which are both praised for their health properties as well as being a foodie’s flavor dreams come true — like these from Vegan Bao Buns.

Another iteration of wedding catering when it comes to Asian fusion is the bowl. Many couples are opting for vegan bowls with a selection of healthy, delicious food choices.

One example are these Bibimbap bowls from Bibimbowls in London —

Vegan (Gluten-Free) Toast with All the Things

Move over avocado toast — and make room for gluten free toast with all the vegan topping options from hummus spreads to micro greens and fermented vegetables.

Millennials — and even Gen Z love toast, they love vegan dishes, and they love options. That’s why toast bars are now a thing. Wedding caterers are getting in on the action with vegan toast bars at weddings — and it’s a thing of beauty!

This spread from Plantiful Kitchen Bakery is just the tip of the iceberg.

These are just some of the vegan dishes you can expect to see wedding caterers working with throughout the year.


Written by Corrie McGee