A Look at Wedding Favor Trends for 2021 with Right as Rayne Events

Wedding favors have a complicated reputation. They can be a thoughtful touch that delights guests for long after the wedding or be something couples leave behind — or simply toss out after they get home. We’re talking with Alyssa Vogel of Right as Rayne Events about wedding favor trends and ideas for 2021.

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Alyssa is the lead planner and branch manager of the Houston location for Right as Rayne Events. The company is named for founder Kinsey Rayne Sarian and serves couples in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

When it comes to wedding favors, Alyssa says —

“In my opinion, a wedding favor should be an item that reminds your guests of you as a couple and brings them joy reminding them of the fun they had during your day. It is a small way to thank them for sharing your special day with you!”

Hundreds of years ago, wedding favors were first called bonbonnieres. These were little trinket boxes traditionally filled with a sweet treat like sugar cubes or sugar-coated almonds that showcased the couple’s wealth or prestige. Now in 2020, hand sanitizer is a trending wedding favor, so things have definitely changed a little.

According to Alyssa, the average is about 50% of couples choosing to have a wedding favor.

“We have seen about 50% of our couples still do wedding favors. If they do have one, it is because it is a priority for them and they have a great idea. Less because it is a tradition and they feel like they have to.”

Let’s dive into our Q&A with Alyssa Vogel of Right at Rayne Events to learn more about wedding favor trends and ideas.

How have wedding favors changed (or not) in the last few years? What have been the biggest changes? 

I have noticed that couples are attempting to give their guests something they can actually use. I have seen a lot more soup, lotion, blankets, candles, etc., over the past few years rather than tokens like keys, ornaments, decorations, etc. 

We have seen so many succulents in all three of our states (NM, CO, and TX). They are very on-trend and are a common favor. 

  • New Mexico is also full of a lot of boutique body care shops, so we see a lot of soaps and lotion.
  • Colorado has a lot of winter weddings so we see more blankets and candles there. 
  • Texas, as we all know, is a very proud state! We see lots of Texas-themed favors like pressed bluebonnet seeds, a treat from a local restaurant or bakery, or anything in the shape of Texas!

Do couples give wedding favors a lot of thought — or is that a last-minute decision? 

I would say that it definitely depends on the couple. We had one client hand-paint everyone a teapot to reference the tv show The Office, while others last minute order some koozies or bubbles.

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What do you think are the biggest mistakes couples make when selecting their wedding favors? 

It is very hard to find something that reflects your relationship but also serves a real purpose for your guests. If you don’t pick something that your guests actually want, most of them get left behind or thrown away, which is so sad!

Choosing something that your guests will still like even though it has your wedding date plastered on it is important. They love you, but no one wants to hang something up in their home with someone else’s wedding date on it.

What are some of the best favors you’ve seen from real couples?

Have to repeat the green teapots here! The bride created a wall with the quote from The Office on the top and then filled the wall with small green teapots filled with the couple’s baby photos and a small note to reflect the one Jim wrote to Pam, and then tied the seating cards to the outside.

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It was a huge hit and the couple was able to share something they loved (The Office) with all of their guests!

A lot of couples will give cups. This can be tricky because it is likely guests won’t keep them if they are personalized to your wedding, BUT I have seen couples recently getting mismatched cups from the consignment shop in their color scheme given to guests to use all evening and then take home! I love the idea! I have also seen the gifts be s’mores kits to use while you are at the event! Something you can eat usually doesn’t go to waste! 

How has (or hasn’t) COVID impacted wedding favors?

We have seen a lot less of them lately. I think they are a smaller priority in the grand scheme of the wedding, and with so many new concerns added on with COVID, it has become a lot of extra work to do them and also do them safely.

When it comes to wedding favors, how do you help couples with their selection?

My biggest piece of advice would be to really think about if providing a wedding favor is something you WANT to do or something you feel like you HAVE to do. Sit down and make a list of your priorities. If you are only doing it because you feel like you have to, don’t do it! 

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Is there a traditional formula for how much to spend on a wedding favor based on the wedding budget or per guest amount?

Again, this goes back to your priorities. If you find something that you absolutely love and you think it will not get left behind at the end of the night, do it! Don’t spend too much time or money on these though, because your guests will remember other parts of your day more than the favor.

Are there times when you recommend not doing a wedding favor?

If it doesn’t fit in the budget, wedding favors are one of the first things I suggest to ditch. They aren’t needed for the guests or the couple to have a good experience. 

Thank you to Alyssa Vogel with Right as Rayne Events for sharing her insights on the wedding favor trends she’s seeing. For more on their work, check them out on Instagram.


Written by Corrie McGee
Photo Courtesy of Anna Perevertaylo Photography