Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends

Soft curls and soft contouring are just two of the wedding hair and makeup trends you’ll see in 2021. Today, we’re getting insights from wedding pros on what they see coming down the pike — and what has them most excited in hair and makeup.

Among the changes and trends, COVID has had an impact on bridal beauty with many couples opting for “elopement chic” looks with casual hair and more natural vibes.

Ready, set, go! We can’t wait to share all the amazing looks for brides — and even for grooms, so let’s get started.

1. Elopement Chic with Casual Hair

Top Beauty Trends in 2021 from Crown of Glory —

“Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, I’m thinking that more and more “big day” wedding celebrations are going to be postponed. I have seen most of my brides decide to elope on their original date in order to still celebrate with just their fiancé or a small intimate gathering with close family/friends.

Then once all this blows over, they will party BIG. Most of the time they save their big gown for a future date and go with an elopement bridal pantsuit or short dress. These outfits go best with more casual hair + makeup looks. Think power ponytails paired with a statement lip or hair down with dewy glowing skin! Which, I must say, I am totally on board with.”

Are grooms/groomsmen getting in on any hair and beauty for the big day?

“I have only had a handful of grooms ask for their hair styled here and there. But actually, at my own wedding and my brother’s wedding, we had a stylist come out and give fresh cuts, beard trims, and hairstyling.

It was a HUGE hit. I really think we should focus on the grooms getting taken care of and treating themselves, after all, it is their special day too!!

This will be coming to Crown of Glory Beauty services menu for 2021 for sure!!”

Source: Chassie Anders, owner of Crown of Glory Beauty

2. Enhancing Beauty

Top Beauty Trends in 2021 from Enhancing Beauty TP —

“Very minimal glam! I’m noticing more brides like the simpler the better. Or maybe even a glam, glitz, and glitter eyeshadow, but very natural on the skin application. More brides are caring more about their skin before the big day and are booking facial services within the week of their wedding to make sure their application is smooth!”

Are grooms/groomsmen getting in on any hair and beauty for the big day?

“I’ve noticed more grooms are getting in on the beauty needs. Normally it’s some powder to prevent oiliness or some concealer under the eyes to help with dark circles or bags from a long night before!”

Source: Tiara Parker, CEO of Enhancing Beauty TP — and creator of the Fearless Cosmetics line.

3. Natural Glam and Playing Up the Eyes

Top Beauty Trends in 2021 from Brite Beauty —

“I believe we’ll continue to see the micro wedding trend with smaller, more intimate gatherings.

We are focusing on creating details in bridal glam that are experiential and laser-focused on our client’s needs. Natural glam will continue to rise in popularity, which is the foundation of what we provide at Brite Beauty. Glowing skin, rosy cheeks, and lips will be the look for brides in 2021. Your skin only better, so as we say at Brite: “We want you to look like you, brite’nd up.” 

For brides that want to have a little fun with color, eyes will be the focus. Mask life has created a new focus on the eyes and colors like rose, pinks, yellows, and greens. 

Hair will be soft, elegant, and classic. We’re moving away from boho, and into more structured styles, but it won’t be the stiff styles from the past. A freer chignon, wispy updo, or down large curls.”

Are grooms/groomsmen getting in on any hair and beauty for the big day?

“Occasionally we will be asked about grooms. Sometimes we do skin touch-ups or hair coiffing for them. We don’t offer mens-specific services, but I know grooming companies will offer day-of shaves and haircuts. I think it’s fun for guys to get on the pampering pre-wedding experience.”

Source: Marsi Hubbard, founder of Brite Beauty

4. Hollywood Waves and Minimal Eyeshadow

 Top Beauty Trends in 2021 from Tease HTX —

“When it comes to hair — Hollywood waves, more polished, smooth updos. Boho hair with loose braids. For makeup — no eyeliner and very little eyeshadow. I am looking forward to no-makeup-makeup bridal looks.” 

Are grooms/groomsmen getting in on any hair and beauty for the big day?

“Grooms will sometimes get airbrush makeup and their hair styled. The fiancé usually forces them (grooms), but not so much the groomsmen.” 

Source: Nastassia Loya, Tease HTX owner and lead hair & makeup artist

5. Soft Curls and Contouring

 Top Beauty Trends in 2021 from Ame Makeup and Hair —

“I get so many requests for natural make-up, my style is natural so I am so happy that this is what brides are looking for in 2021. Skin is very important — natural glowy skin without looking that you have a lot of foundation on. Natural-looking brows, fluffed, but not too dark. And soft pink to peachy lips. Blush and soft bronzing as contouring. Brown eyeshadows and even soft pink/blushtoned eyeshadow with a soft shimmer on the ball of the eye.

No harsh contouring and almost no black eyeliner. Expect more brown eye pencil that can be extended a bit to create a soft (almost) cat eye

More brides are also looking for soft natural curls or relaxed upstyles – especially low buns. Relaxed Hollywood waves or bohemian waves. Low buns with a few soft waves in the long fringe. So many brides even want plain long veils with no or maybe a little detail and even plain short veils. 

Overall it seems that with the smaller COVID weddings that took place and will probably still take place for a while, brides opt for more simple, elegant dresses and less ball gown style dresses. Statement hairpieces or chunky headbands and a more subtle make-up and hair look work together beautifully. 

What makes me most excited about the trends for next year is the lovely elegant look overall – nothing completely over the top, but just a bride that looks like herself in an elegant stylish dress. 
(I just want to add that many more brides are putting in more effort with regards to the prep of their skin for their big day because they want to look natural and want to be able to wear less foundation because their skins should look good).”

Are grooms/groomsmen getting in on any hair and beauty for the big day?

“Because wedding pictures are so important, I know that many brides have asked if their grooms can wear a little powder on the big day. Most men do not want to wear any makeup, but I feel it is important that if they are prone to have shiny skin it would be good to wear just a little bit of powder. It also makes the photographer’s work so much easier.”

Source: Ame Cronje, owner of Ame Makeup and Hair

6. More Romance, Less Structure

 Top Beauty Trends in 2021 from The London Beauty Stylist —

“Three beauty trends: softer makeup that enhances natural beauty, softer hairstyles too that is more romantic and less “structured” which is more traditional in south Asian bridal. More modern outfit choices, think draping, more fusion style designs.”

Are grooms/groomsmen getting in on any hair and beauty for the big day?

“Yes! I think this will become much more popular for things like spot concealing and generally ‘manscaping.’ It’s definitely a newer development where I’m now seeing south Asian male bloggers focusing on self care for skin as well.”

Source: Manisha Shah, international makeup artist and owner of The London Beauty Stylist | Manisha is also a business coach for other beauty specialists. Her insights at her website here.

Of all the trends we’re seeing in wedding beauty, we love the renewed focus on skincare and skin health to create that illuminated, dewey bridal makeup look.

Here’s a quick sample of one makeup artist creating that look.

In closing, now that you know some of the hottest trends for wedding hair and makeup in 2021, let’s talk about bridal headpieces and how they will be worn.


Written by Corrie McGee
Photo courtesy of Brite Beauty