A Look Inside a Wedding Planner’s Emergency Kit with Tami Winn Events

Wedding Planner Emergency Kit

Every wedding pro has developed a few tricks of the trade to help them ensure every wedding day runs smoothly. A big part of that is their wedding emergency kit, so we’ve asked expert wedding planner, Tami Winn of Tami Winn Events to give us a look at what she includes in her emergency kit!


Tami Winn started in the wedding industry at just 16 years old working in a flower shop. It’s been a whirlwind of growth for this wedding pro. By age 23, she launched Tami Winn Events out of her garage.

Fast forward to today and this talented wedding planner has built a lasting company with a passionate team alongside her. You can find her work featured everywhere from Style Me Pretty to Ruffled and Brides of North Texas.

The reason for this success? At the heart of her work is a love of events and creating unforgettable experiences for each client.

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Movies have romanticized the wedding planner emergency kit, but in reality, wedding days can bring some unique emergencies like having to hem the groom’s pants or stopping the bleeding on a bride’s paper cut, and more.

Let’s take a look at what our expert keeps in her emergency kit —

What are the must-have items for your emergency kit on wedding days and why did you choose each item?

My must-have items are safety pins, scissors, ibuprofen, band-aids, and tape. These are the most requested items by the bride or her wedding party.

Has your emergency kit changed over time? 

YES! My kit started as a small bag almost 20 years ago and has morphed into a small suitcase. Anytime I’m asked for an item I may not have, I try to get that for the ‘just in in case’ time it may be needed in the future.

What is one overlooked item that planners may overlook, but you think is very important? 

I think items that are overlooked are extra handkerchiefs, black dress socks, handheld steamer, a set of toasting flutes, and a cake cutting set. All of those items can be found in my kit!

What is one example of a time or type of circumstance that your emergency kit (or a specific item in it) has saved the day?

My kit has proven handy many times, but a specific time I can remember is having to use the sewing kit to hem the pant leg on a groomsmen tuxedo because one was longer than the other. Of course, he didn’t try it on before the day of the wedding!

Thank you to Wedding Planner, Tami Winn of Tami Winn Events for giving us some insights into her Emergency Kit must-haves.


Written by Corrie McGee
Courtesy of Tami Winn Events