Wedding Trend: Edwardian Romance

Edwardian Romance Wedding Trends

Intricate lace wedding dresses, ethereal bridal hair, exquisitely detailed wedding jewelry, bountiful shower bouquets filled with garden roses, and more. We’re talking about the 2021 wedding trend — Edwardian Romance.

Edwardian-era inspiration is everywhere when it comes to 2021 wedding trends and we’ve got the scoop for you!


The tricky part about this trend is that it can go by many names, but the best is Edwardian Romance because it’s inspired primarily by the fashions in England, continental Europe, and the United States during the 1900-the 1910s.

The name comes from the fact that King Edward VII was ruling England during that time. Before he took power from his mother, Queen Victoria, he was already considered the leader of the fashionable elite across continental Europe.

During this time Cartier became the royal jeweler and fashion became a way to showcase your status.

Brides often wore elaborate gowns adorned by long veils topped with floral crowns, tiaras, or hats.

Feminine flourishes like bows and soft updos were also the fashion of the day. It was also quite common to have the entire bridal party in white.

Most people are getting exposed to the modern adaptation of the Edwardian style from this era through the slow fashion movement.

There is an ever-growing culture on Instagram inspired by referential vintage fashion from this era.

Others are being inspired by popular culture with films like the classic Anne of Green Gables.

(Disclaimer for the historians out there: while the book was set in the late Victorian Era, the movie was styled like the Edwardian Era.)


When it comes to this pervasive trend, here are a few hallmarks —

  • Floral patterns
  • Feminine details
  • Natural makeup
  • Soft curls and swept updos
  • Statements sleeves
  • Headpieces from straw hats to tiaras, etc.
  • Pastel shades
  • Pearls, diamonds, and sapphires
  • Intricate patterns from lace to filigree
  • An appreciation for quality and heirloom pieces.
  • The return of vests and straw hats (for men and women).

Edwardian Romance can also tend to include elements from the adjacent Victorian Era, but the overall vibe is a blend of appreciations and reflection of natural elements as well as artisan work. Simple pleasures, meaningful details, and effortless elegance rule the day.

Today, modern couples love Edwardian Romance for an entirely different reason. From clothes to jewelry, the quality of a piece was important — and meant to be an heirloom. The light and airy feel that characterizes the fashion of the day goes well with the desire to slow down and enjoy nature. And finally, the intricate and purposeful designs for everything from veils to florals celebrates craftsmanship and meaning, all of which are a big draw for today’s couples.

Let’s dive into the details of the 2021 wedding trend — Edwardian Romance!

Intricately-Designed Wedding Gowns

In today’s fashion climate we’re seeing this trend take on a literal expression as well as a modern interpretation.

Some brides opt for a truly vintage or vintage-inspired gown.

While others enjoy a modern interpretation of the Edwardian style.

Dramatic Wedding Veils

Along with intricate wedding gowns, this trend features dramatic wedding veils that softly flow to the floor. In addition to length, the drama can also be found in the details such as pearl accents and more.

Wedding Headpieces and Bridal Adornments

Headpieces are part of one of the hottest 2021 wedding trends, and you can thank Edwardian Romance for that!

From ethereal crowns as well as floral-inspired combs and other adornments, we’re loving seeing natural curls and soft-swept updos accented with these delicate details.

In particular, you can expect to see floral adornments, which is also a stand-alone 2021 wedding trend.

Pearls were en vogue during the Edwardian era and often mixed with diamonds. Platinum and gold accents will continue to be popular with the trend.

Let’s not forget one more headpiece — the straw hat. (This is one of our favorites.)

Effortless Wedding Hair and Makeup

Beauty experts are predicting effortless bridal beauty will take center stage. Soft curls, windswept updos, and other effortless looks will be paired with natural makeup.

Shower Bouquets, Garden Blooms, and Wedding Urns

When it comes to wedding flowers, this is where this trend shines. The signature of the Edwardian Era is garden-style blooms, and bountiful flowers throughout the wedding space.

Brides most often carried shower bouquets that overflow in the front and that style is returning for many modern brides.

Garden roses and carnations were two of the most popular selections for brides and, as we covered in our popular 2021 wedding flowers trend blog, those are the top picks for wedding flowers this year.

While modern brides are using all manner of colors, this trend typically features soft pastels — especially with accents of light blue or a green and white color palette.

Traditional wedding urns filled with lush garden roses and overflowing will be a signature centerpiece at many Edwardian-style weddings.

Antique-Inspired Details

This trend is full of vintage-inspired details. Many of today’s couples have an appreciation for bygone eras. The antique and vintage details include jewelry, table-settings, and other styling elements.

One thing you may see more of are antique pieces being brought back for functional roles like this filigree tussie mussie.

Jewelry — both true antiques and antique-inspired — will continue to surge in popularity. The details and unique stone settings are ideal for fashion-forward couples. And it also appeals to the grandmillenial-types.

The vintage inspiration keeps coming with the wedding stationery. Stylized stamps with romantic hand-script lettering is one of our favorite touches.


Written by Corrie McGee
Photo courtesy of  Adore