10 Trends You’ll See Grooms Rocking at Weddings

groom in floral shirt showing groom trends for 2021

From double-breasted suits to floral pockets, we’re talking about 10 trends you’ll see grooms rocking at weddings this year.

Brides aren’t the only ones having fun with fashion and pampering themselves for the big day. Grooms are showing up and showing off for their weddings.

Let’s take a look at the top trends grooms will be donning this year.

1. Bespoke Grooms’ Suits and Tailoring

If there was one word to describe 2021 wedding trends it would be bespoke. It’s more than just the impact of COVID on how weddings are handled now. It is a trend that has been building with custom pieces meant to last a lifetime — especially as family heirlooms are increasingly important to couples. Groom’s suits are no different.

While there are many different tailoring trends coming down the pike (we’ll talk more about this later in the list), the primary wedding suit and tailoring trend is bespoke.

A suit is already an investment and for grooms who want to keep their suit, bespoke is the trend for them because they will leave with a style that is perfectly fitted to flatter their body.

2. Grooms’ Pocket Flowers (Floral Pockets)

Why should brides get all the floral fun? In 2021, expect to see more adventurous grooms opting for pocket flowers. This is a fun take on the traditional boutonniere and pocket square.

You’ll see a mix of dried florals and textured blooms in all shades from bold to neutrals.

A micro-trend to keep an eye on similar to this is the floral lapel. Daring grooms who are looking to make a statement and go full couture are dipping their toes into this wild new trend.

3. Mismatched Groomsmen

Long gone are the days when groomsmen simply blended in with each other in the same nondescript suit style. Bridesmaids have been doing the mismatched style for years and 2021 is the year for groomsmen to show their unique individuality with a complementary style — instead of the same one.

For some this is completely different suits, for others it’s different accessories, but individuality will reign supreme

In addition to varying shades of suits, you’ll also see different colored shirts and ties.

4. Velvet Jackets for Grooms’ Suits

Velvet is the fabric of choice when it comes to 2021 wedding trends for grooms.

These velvet jackets will show up in a variety of colors. What’s great about this trend is that it can be dressed up for the ultimate fashion statement or dressed down for a luxe touch to a casual outdoor wedding.

5. Bold Colors and Patterns

Bright, bold and mood-boosting colors are all the rage for 2021. Grooms aren’t trying to steal the spotlight, but don’t plan on them being wallflowers for weddings in 2021. From paisley to floral and everything in between, we’re seeing a steady increase in patterns and bold colors in grooms’ suits.

On micro-trend we’re seeing is shades of pink. Guys aren’t afraid to show their softer side with pinks that range from electric to blush.

This wedding trend often blends the velvet jacket inspiration with a colorful touch.

For the bold-at-heart, we’re seeing an uptick in floral suits and jackets in weddings from California to Great Britain.

6. Three-Piece Suits

While three-piece suits have always had a place in wedding fashion, we’re seeing a marked uptick in this fashion statement. Guys are loving the formality and heirloom touches that come with a three-piece suit and the vests are quite popular.

Hey, brides aren’t the only ones that like to get fancy for their wedding day!

The beauty of this trend is that it can be made to fit a more casual wedding as well as a formal one.

7. The Double-Breasted Suit

Another wedding trend grooms are revisiting is the double-breasted suit. This works well with the bespoke tailoring and custom suit creation mentioned earlier.

Fashion-forward grooms can turn this into a stylish, yet more casual approach by playing with fabric selections and shirts. Think tweeds or turtlenecks.

8. Casual Looks for Small and Outdoor Weddings

With COVID impacting wedding sizes and plans, many couples are opting for a more intimate — and often more casual — style that reflects the new attitude of having to pivot plans.

This has many iterations from blazers and loafers to suits with no tie.

9. Floral Accessories

Floral prints are big for 2021 across the board and even grooms are getting in on that action. Expect to see floral ties, pocket squares, and more!

10. Classic Tuxedo and Evening Wear

Like we said, brides aren’t the only ones who want to feel fancy on the big day. For many guys, wearing a tux is a something they only do a few times in their life — and they are making their wedding day one of those times.

BONUS* 11. Custom-Made Wedding Shoes

Along with the other bespoke and heirloom-quality details, expect to see more grooms look into products like custom-made shoes.

Here are a few quick micro-trends to keep an eye on in 2021.

  • Groom spa and skin treatments.
  • Day-of “beauty” prep for the groom. (He needs glowing skin, too!)
  • Embroidered details like monograms and meaningful details in the groom’s shirt or jacket cuffs.
  • Fewer grooms wearing socks even with formal looks.
  • Suspenders will become more commonplace — and not just at rustic weddings.

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Written by Corrie McGee