Wedding Trends We Love: Luxury Picnics

Luxury Picnics | Wedding Trends

We love bringing you the latest in wedding trends to watch and today we’re sharing one of our favorites. Introducing luxury picnics! That’s right — move over charcuterie, there’s a new cutie in town and it fits every style event.


Last year, COVID restrictions had couples cutting guest lists to fit regulations. Family groups or “pods” — which are usually one or two family groups that are in close contact with each other — began gathering in more low-key gatherings like family dinners or cookouts. Later in the year, the CDC endorsed the safety of outdoor gatherings — and in no time we began to see a surge in picnic offerings from catering companies.

Throughout 2020 outdoor activities grew an average of 60+% and hobbies like gardening grew by 70+%. This indicates an exponential growth in consumers wanting to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature.

By the fall, a growing number of entrepreneurs started on-site, traveling luxury picnic businesses.


Luxury picnics come in all shapes and sizes. As a rule, they are highly stylized picnics that come with tables, decor, and more. In some cases it’s luxury blankets spread on the ground with an exquisite picnic basket filled with choice nibbles. These setups are made to travel and create a one-of-a-kind experience.

They are often situated for a perfect view in amazing surroundings, and they include all the fineries that elevate the meal to a luxury picnic. (For references, they are also called pop-up picnics and luxury garden parties.)


Our favorite part of this hot wedding trend is how versatile and beautiful these picnics are designed to be. Here are a few of the most common ways we’re seeing couples use luxury picnics in their wedding season.

1. Bachelorette Parties

Brides are taking their bach parties to the beach, backyards, and more with luxury picnic set ups that range from fab to boho.

2. Bridal Showers

Luxury picnics are perfect for a backyard bridal shower. It elevates the event to something special because of that luxe touch with all the privacy of an exclusive resort.

This works for a couples shower as well!

3. Intimate Rehearsal Dinners

Rehearsal dinner, lunch or brunch — it’s all fun when you’re in a boho paradise relaxing on Moroccan-style sitting pillows.

4. Wedding Receptions

That’s right! Luxury picnics are perfect for the big day itself — especially for couples looking to treat their guests to a one-of-a-kind experience.

5. Date Night

Before or after the wedding, couples are choosing to spend quality time and treat themselves with help from pop-up luxury picnic in their favorite spot!

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Written by Corrie McGee

Photo Courtesy of Gipsy Chix Luxury Picnics