Wedding Trends: Bridgerton Bridal Gowns and Regencycore

The Netflix show Bridgerton has inspired the hottest trend in wedding fashion — Bridgerton Brides and Regencycore wedding style. As a result, designers have loaded their 2022 collections with reimagined Regency-era fashion. And with over one million people following the hashtag #regencycore on TikTok according to trend forecasters, we will be seeing this fashion influence for a while.


Netflix’s Bridgerton series first debuted in December 2020 with a viewership of 82 million homes and has become the most-watched series on Netflix. The show received high praise and became a cultural phenomenon that has now been renewed all the way through four seasons.

Experts call 2020 the great accelerator. Part of that is because trend cycles were, for lack of a better word, accelerated (along with many other things) due to the exponential increase in online content thanks to lockdowns.

This brings us to Viral Internet Fashion Aesthetics. If you haven’t heard of that term, you’ve definitely heard of the things that fall into this category. Y2K, Egirl, Dark Acamedmia, Cottagecore. All of these are what’s known as viral internet fashion aesthetics that are driven by “viral” / trending content on TikTok, Instagram, and finally Youtube. Instead of fashion trends having a slower cycle, the pace has increased as it is mirroring the ebb and flow of viral content.

While these viral aesthetics don’t die out as quickly as a trending song on TikTok, they are driven by viral content that becomes inexorably part of the culture of the moment — such as Bridgerton.

Bridgerton Bridal Gowns - Regencycore - wedding dress trends

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

The name for this Bridgerton-inspired viral fashion aesthetic? Regencycore.

What makes this fashion aesthetic so popular is that it also blends perfectly with the resurgence of slow living habits, outdoor enjoyment, and an appreciation for romantic literature – think Jane Austen and such. Notice the increase of films around this time such as Emma and an upcoming release of Persuasion among many other period pieces set for release in the next 1-2 years (including more Bridgerton seasons). We don’t expect this viral trend to stop anytime soon.


Regencycore — as it pertains to wedding style, is filled with dramatic silhouettes, empire waists, puff-sleeves, intricate embroidery, and sometimes feathering. Accessories include embellished headbands or tiaras, lace gloves, and ballerina shoes, as well as chokers. 

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

According to Vogue UK, since the show’s release —

  • Searches for corsets have spiked by 123%.
  • Searches for pearl and feathered headbands have increased by 49%.
  • Elbow-length gloves and empire wast dress searches have increased by 93%.

It’s important to note that the Bridgerton costumes that have inspired this aesthetic are not historically accurate. They are a blend of Regency, Georgian, and modern aesthetics. It’s inspiration more than an exact representation. For this reason, we think this trend (at least in part) will stay around for a while.

Many local wedding vendors create Bridgerton-inspired wedding designs like this one —

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Romance and feminine aesthetics have been trending upward for a few years and fashion designers are enjoying playing up these details. With that in mind, let’s dive into our hand-picked Bridgerton-inspired lookbook from some of the top wedding gown designers.


While this style has many different looks, we’ve gathered the top trending looks from some Spring/Summer 2022 wedding collections. 

(Consider this your 2022 Regencycore wedding gown lookbook by top wedding gown designers in the industry.)

1. Dramatic Sihlouettes

Whether it’s billowy fabric floating behind the bride or a silky drape, expect to see plenty of dramatic silhouettes in 2022 wedding gowns including Bridgerton-inspired designs.

Photo Courtesy of Fashionista

This gown from Monique Lhuillier hits all the marks for the Regencycore-inspired fashion. Dramatic silhouette, puffed sleeves, floral motifs, and a cheerful yellow base.

Photo Courtesy of Fashionista

Markarian’s Spring/Summer 2022 is full of romance and low-key drama with soft billowing fabrics and those stunning sleeves.

Photo Courtesy of Fashionista

Viktor & Rolfe have reimagined all manner of Regencycore-style designs with dramatic sleeves paired with a sleek silhouette. (Do yourself a favor and check out their Spring/Summer 2022 collection which is full of all the inspiration you need!)

2. Empire Waist

A telltale sign of Regencycore is the classic empire waist.

Photo Courtesy of Fashionista

Odylyne the Ceremony is a visionary of romantic proportions in the wedding gown industry. They had the must-have wedding mini-dress that Instagram couldn’t have loved more this year. And it looks like they are poised to have another fan-favorite!

Photo Courtesy of Fashionista

This silk wedding gown by Savannah Miller could have walked right off the Bridgerton set — and we love how she has modernized elements while still keeping the historic nod.

3. Floral Motifs

Floral motifs in Regencycore or Bridgerton-inspired designs are often seen in the embroidery, brocading, or veil accents.

Photo Courtesy of Fashionista

Photo Courtesy of Fashionista

4. Feathering

Feather details were already trending upward before Bridgerton sent them skyrocketing! From accessories to gown details, feathers are one of the hottest details in wedding gown design for 2022.

Photo Courtesy of Fashionista

Anne Barge’s Collection is full of Regencycore details, but it’s the feathers that make a big splash. Our next favorite detail from her Spring/Summer 2022 collection has to be her statement veils.

Photo Courtesy of Fashionista

This look from Eisen-Stein’s Spring 2022 collection is definitely a Bridgerton-inspired showstopper.

5. Soft Pastel or Neutral Colors

Anyone who has seen Bridgerton knows they love a good pastel on that show — and since that has inspired the Regencycore trend, expect to see pastels especially in blues, pinks, and yellows — as well as neutrals.

Photo Courtesy of Markarian

While we love the blush pinks we’re seeing in this gown from Markarian, the sunny yellow Jimmy Choo gown below is a signature shade to come out of the Regencycore trend.

Photo Courtesy of Fashionista

6. Corsets

We’d be remiss if we didn’t add corsets to the list of Regencycore-inspired design elements for 2022 wedding gown trends.

For some designers, like Oscar De La Renta, the corset is merely an inspiration piece from Regencycore as in the gown below.

Photo Courtesy of Oscar De La Renta

For other designers like Wiederhoeft, their Spring/Summer 2022 collection is a blend of fairy tale meets Regencycore. In fact, the collection is called “unapologetically romantic.”

Photo Courtesy of Fashionista

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Written by Corrie McGee
Photo Courtesy of The Knot