What Instagram’s Announcement Means for Wedding Vendors

Instagram's Announcement - Video Content

Last week, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced that “we are no longer a photo-sharing app.” This may not seem like news at first, but wedding vendors need to take note because this means changes are coming. The wedding industry is a highly visual medium, and many vendors use Instagram to attract their ideal clients. For this reason, wedding vendors have to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to social. We’ve got your back. We’re walking you through what Instagram’s announcement from July 2021 means and how you can be prepared to take advantage of any changes!


Most people think of Instagram as a photo-sharing app, but Instagram leaders want to change that perception and signal that other changes are coming.

After Mosseri made the statement about no longer being a photo-sharing app, he added, “The number one reason people say they use Instagram, in research, is to be entertained.”

The year 2020 was the great accelerator of all things digital, and consumer patterns online changed even for big social platforms like Instagram.

Areas that Instagram is Focusing on —

  • Creators
  • Video
  • Shopping
  • Messaging

Here’s what the head of Instagram has to say on those four priorities —

What does all this mean for you as a wedding vendor or small business owner?

  • Take a page from the Instagram playbook and lean into video content as well as consider how you can authentically create content that entertains as well as educates.
  • Work on your Instagram plan and get the basics covered, so that you can be prepared for the updates and changes coming.
  • Use this information as a way to get ahead of the game and look at new Creator, Video, Shopping trends and more!

If you want to stay in the know, follow people like —

Next, do your research and find fellow wedding vendors that inspire you with their creativity. (Hint: Actually, you can get inspiration from any accounts — they don’t have to be wedding vendors.) But we recommend making a separate Saved list on your Instagram just for Content Inspiration to keep your ideas in one area.

Best Practices Tips from the Head of Instagram

According to Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today —

“In terms of best practices, Mosseri says that leaning into video is good, with the first two seconds being crucial to hook viewers in. Mosseri also notes that hashtags are still valuable for discovery while posting consistently (Mosseri notes two feed posts per week, two stories per day) will help to build your following. In another Creator Week session on working with the platform’s algorithms, Instagram also noted that while posting to newer surfaces like Reels won’t boost your reach, as such, utilizing all of the available surfaces will mean that you’re increasing your chances of getting your content discovered in the app.”


Even if you don’t have a lot of experience creating videos, it’s never been easier to create content using nothing but your iPhone. So we’re highlighting a few examples to get your creative juices flowing!

While Mosseri mentions an entertainment focus that can include many styles of information from educational (i.e., teaching people how to use your product) to pure wow-factor entertainment. And before you say that this isn’t for you because you don’t like being on camera or don’t have anything interesting to show, let us remind you that tens of thousands of people follow box-folding hashtags with videos like this —

With the right attitude and the creativity that makes you a wonderful wedding vendor, you can create your own unique videos and content that works for you — and entertains people!

1. Create Educational Content (Help them Solve a Problem)

Show people how to use your product or share your expertise to help them solve a problem like this wedding vendor showing bridesmaids how to fluff a train. (Their core audience is technically brides and grooms, but by bringing bridesmaids in on this process, they have expanded their market.) This video has nearly as many likes as they have followers, which means it got a lot of shares, and it wasn’t even a trending concept.

Another version of this could look like a tutorial series —

2. Take People Behind the Scenes

People love exclusive content, and what’s more exclusive than getting a behind-the-scenes look?! Whether you’re making stationery, creating dried floral artwork, shooting photos, or selling gowns — there’s something in your work that people would find fascinating.

The talented baker and social media darling Maison Olivia has created an entire niche for herself, showing videos of herself decorating cakes set to calming music — and that music isn’t even trending — but her videos are! Now, she has become more of an educator than only a baker, but there is still a lot to glean from her approach to video content.

3. Show Your Personality

Even if it’s not directly business-related, videos that showcase your personality and your personal journey can be lots of fun — and be a way to authentically connect with your followers. For example, the owner of OK Graze jumped on a trending song to showcase her personality, and it worked well for her!

4. Show Your Product/Service in Action

It sounds simple, but it’s effective. Create content that showcases your product or service in action.

Think you have to have high-production videos to look professional? Think again!

Wedding powerhouse Monique Lhullier is known for excellence in this industry, and they are also known to showcase a simple gown walk without fancy music or graphics. Many times, the more organic feeling works better!

5. Find a Trend — and Run With It

This is a category where you can have a LOT of fun! It’s a straightforward concept. Keep an eye on the songs and video trends you’re seeing and create your own. Time is of the essence when it comes to trending content.

If you’re really into it, you can do remixes and loops of other people’s videos— and all kinds of fun ideas! (And it’s not as complicated as it sounds.)

Here are just a few examples of Brides of Oklahoma making trending concepts their own —

Note: You will have seen videos like this before — and that’s part of the appeal. Viewers like new content, but they also find comfort and entertainment in seeing how each person does their own version of trending content.


Now you know everything you need to about Instagram’s announcement and what that could mean for you as a wedding vendor. Here are a few things to help you get started with your own video content —

  • Get inspiration from other accounts.
  • Keep an eye on what is trending. That means diving into the explore page and seeing what songs or videos keep popping up there as well as among the accounts you follow.
  • Don’t feel like you have to be perfect — or even that you have to be on camera. (Organic-style content works well and there are many options for videos even with you never stepping in front of the camera.)
  • Check out helpful resources to give you insight on how to start making reels and other video content. (Here’s one place to start.)
  • Make sure your Instagram and social bases are covered by having your branding consistent and getting a plan in place for what type of content to create. If you need help with this the team at our sister company, Brandlink Media, can help answer your questions, create a custom social media plan as well as graphics and templates to help you get started! (Click here to learn more.)

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Written by Corrie McGee